20 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Would Love

  Cool Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Would Love

Sometimes it can be hard to shop for foodies who already stock their kitchen with the latest and greatest in appliances, tools, and utensils. 

But with this list of cool kitchen gadgets, These tools will make cooking (and cleaning up!) easy, safe, and fun, 

you will be equipped to serve up some great gift for foodies, whether it's their birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

VOFO Herb Scissors Stainless Steel

VOFO Herb Scissors Stainless Steel

These stainless steel scissors will make quick work of any herbs you need cutting.

Comes with 5 separate blades and covers so you can get the exact cut your recipe calls for.

OXO 3-in-1 Multi-function Avocado Slicer Peeler

It’ll cut right through the skin of the avocado, allow for easy removal of the seed, and slice it perfectly as well.

 HULLR 9-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Tools Set

HULLR 9-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Tools Set

This cool kitchen gadget set from HULLR comes with everything you need to save time in the kitchen.
The nine tools include a Pizza Cutter, Apple Corer, Vegetable Peeler, Multi-functional Bottle Opener, Cheese Slicer, Grater, Scoop, and Slicer.

Oh, and the whole thing gets great reviews on Amazon and comes with a handy rotating tool holder

Kitchen Art Pro Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

Kitchen Art Professional Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

This spice carousel from Kitchen Art is way cool.

From the Amazon product page, “Get the exact amount needed without measuring spoons; twist the dial for a perfect 1/4 teaspoon measurement”.

What a highly clever idea and a great buy for the gourmet in your life.

Coletti "Bozeman" Percolator Coffee Pot

Making the switch from your drip coffee making machine to this old-timey coffee pot percolator may seem like a step back into the past — at first. But when you taste the richer, bolder flavor you get from this percolator, reviewers say you'll never go back. The dishwasher-safe pot can make up to 9 cups of coffee and is designed from quality stainless steel, with a glass knob and handle.

An animal-shaped pancake maker

animal waffle maker, $29.95

Breakfast just got a lot more adorable with this griddle that makes mini pancakes in seven cute animal shapes.

ounce Sprayer Bottle

We love our air fryers around here and the Evo Oil Sprayer makes the perfect companion. Fill with your favorite cooking oil and use to evenly spray foods (and nonstick trays when necessary) for perfectly golden results. Each propellant-free spritz claims to dispense 1/4 teaspoon.

Whether you want to boil water for tea, pasta or rice, this electric kettle saves major time and makes it happen fast — and in just seven minutes or less. Made from BPA-free borosilicate glass, the kettle has a 30-inch cord that can be removed for serving and an automatic shut-off feature for safety. Choose among six fun colors that will brighten up your kitchen and day.

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

Is it a lemon squeezer? Is it a cheese grater? Is it a measuring cup? Yes, yes, and yes. This nifty gift is eight tools in one.

Butter Spreader Knife

Easily shred cold butter for easy toast application with this nifty spreader.

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit
Who needs a punch bowl?so cute

Baking Cups If you don't have the space to store a cupcake pan, stock up on these freestanding cupcake wrappers. These disposable cups stay upright on a basic baking sheet, allowing you to fit more in the oven at once. They're available in three sizes and countless no-fade colors and patterns that are perfect for any occasion. 

Quesadilla Maker

Cook up restaurant-quality quesadillas at home, so you can stuff 'em with whatever you want . 

Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

If you're not willing to use scissors to "slice" your pizza pie, try "biking" across.LoL

An Elegantly Simple Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

You don't need cumbersome coffee makers that take up counter space. This simply designed and elegant iced cold brew coffee maker holds 1.5 liters of coffee for up to two weeks, thanks to its airtight seal. It's made from strong borosilicate glass, has a convenient handle, and is dishwasher-safe.

Cob Corn Stripper (yellow)

Make removing corn from the cob a cinch with this compact, stainless steel blade stripper.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker

Hamilton Beach 25495 Breakfast Burrito Maker

For less than $20, this breakfast burrito maker from Hamilton Beach will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Just layer all of your favorite ingredients and let the magic happen.

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