Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, review


I bought this for my nephew and HE JUST LOVES PATROL! He started kindergarten this year and fell in love with school and homework! So to combine his two love was PERFECT!

He loves doing his work in this so much that he just makes up excuses to stay in it!


-super cute

-very sturdy and of great quality

-the storage container is perfect for school supplies

-heavy enough that the kids cannot tip over from squirming around in it but light enough to move around

-comfortable seating


-it’s a bit small for my 4 years old newphew so I imagined he will outgrow it quickly :( I just wished he had more years to use this because he loved it so much. But he has a younger brother that we will hand down to as soon as he gets too big for it :)

-this isn’t too big of a deal but the desk is a bit small for children who likes to be spread out. He likes doing his homework and coloring on this thing but we run into the problem that there just isn’t enough room for all of that. But we work around it and he just leaves his crayon box on the seat next to him and grab the colors that he wants.

We use this for coloring and activities, snacks, etc. You can see from my photos that the drawer bin underneath is a good size, it holds plenty of materials. We just wipe it down with your average multi purpose cleaner and that works just fine.

You may want to keep in mind that drinks ate actually more stable and less prone to spill if you remove the red cup thing and just put the drink in the cup hole. Most cups fit there. We found that when we put cups inside the red cup they moved around and were less stable. The red cup is better for organizing pencils and markers while doing activities.

Overall, I would definitely buy this product again!

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