Uncle’s T-Shirt Reminds Us Of Covid-19 Rules, Would Make For A Great SDA Uniform


Uncle’s T-Shirt Reminds Us Of Covid-19 Rules, Would Make For A Great SDA Uniform

Uncle’s T-Shirt Reminds Us Of Covid-19 Rules, Would Make For A Great SDA Uniform

If you can hear or smell a fart going off, you're probably standing too close.

Uncle’s T-shirt Lists Covid-19 Rules In Witty Yet Relatable Way

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, the whole world has gotten used to a new lifestyle that involves masking up and socially distancing from one another.

Here in Singapore, safe distancing ambassadors (SDA) are deployed to ensure members of the public are abiding by the rules.

Recently, a picture featuring a witty T-shirt advising members of the public to adhere to Covid-19 measures has been making rounds on social media.


Not sure about you, but we think this would make for a great new uniform for SDAs.

The witty T-shirt says you’re standing too close if you can smell one’s fart

In a Facebook post shared by All Singapore Stuff, an uncle was seen donning the hilarious T-shirt that features Covid-19 rules that we have been accustomed to.

The distance that we ought to keep from one another might be hard to aga-rate, but this uncle seems to have found the perfect estimate so we get it right every single time.

Familiar with the area of effect (AOE) that all of us stay out of when someone’s about to fart? This uncle’s shirt claims we’re not social distancing as long as we’re in the AOE where we can smell or hear a fart going off.

We can go all scientific with how we can still smell farts when everyone’s masked up but if you’re still in the AOE, chances are you’ll be suffering collateral damage in the form of smell, as the shirt suggests.

And if you’re still bruising through the fart, chances are, there might be bigger underlying problems ahead. You may want to book a ‘swap test ASAP, as the shirt advises.

Fashion trends come and go but trendsetters can spot the next big thing from miles away.

Some ‘trendy’ netizens are already clamoring for the T-shirt in the post’s comment section.

Other keen-eyed folks are quick to point out the spelling mishap.

Another user tells us there’s no ‘winning situation’ for us when it comes to farts.

Continue adhering to safe distancing rules

However humorous the T-shirt maybe, the message is clear.

We should continue practicing these rules and remaining vigilant during these volatile times.

That aside, if you happen to know where we can cop the T-shirt, do let us know in the comments below — we’re merely asking for a friend.

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