A Daily questions Journal for Kids review

 I saw a similar idea mentioned on Facebook and decided to buy this diary for my 8-year-old sister. I was worried it was going to be a little over the top and some of the questions might be too 'American' but it is in fact a gorgeous book.  she can't wait for the next day's question and it gives us new things to chat about. We always have a chat at bedtime and this just adds an extra element to this. I highly recommend this book, a fabulous purchase

This journal is the perfect family keepsake to share the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the years, a journal for kids who want to keep a time capsule of their own ideas about the world,

This a question each day with only a few lines provided for a response, making this journal the ultimate no-fuss record keeper. Simply turn to today's date and record your child's answer. The diary can be started on any day of the year and makes a terrific keepsake or gift for parents.

A Daily questions Journal for Kids: 365 Days to Write about your hopes, Fun Questions to Spark Imagination Inspire Self-Expression


As the year goes by you'll notice how your child's answers evolve, sometimes silly, sometimes precocious, but always interesting.

Empower children to fearlessly express their creativity with this no-rules Kids journal, This journal is A place for parents and children.

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