Water Shoes Quick-Dry Sports Swim review


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 my father used these while staying on a small sailboat for 2 weeks and loved them because they made moving around on the sloping deck so much easier than with just bare feet. The soft soles conformed to his feet and gripped the deck nicely while offering some protection against anything he happened to step on. There is a little cushion and zero arch support, so these are not really for walking. I thought the little drainage holes in the insole might be uncomfortable to walk on, but he didn't notice them during use.

These soft, stretchy shoes conform so well to his feet that they feel almost like a sock. For fit, he would say true to size, BUT it's okay to go a half size down because they are so soft that, even if your toes touch the end, you don't feel it. he don't have any trouble pulling them on, yet they feel secure on his feet. he likes the idea of the porous insoles to facilitate draining, but he does feel those little holes to some extent when he walks. There is zero arch support, so his flat feet tend to roll a bit off the soles toward the inside. he bought them for boating, though (not walking), so support isn't very important to him here, and he was glad to see some white sole options. Honestly, he hasn't gotten them wet yet, and he doesn't usually don't review a product that he hasn't really tried out, but he was so impressed with the comfort that 

he wanted to comment on these now.



Good Fit

Very Lightweight


Netted For Drainage

Hard Bottoms For Protection(Rocks & Glass)

Rubber Bottoms For Traction(Slippery Rocks)


He Bit Snug For his Feet, But he Normally Wears Wides Anyway. They Fit Pretty Decent Even With That.

Very Good For Fishing, Snorkeling, Diving, or Anything Near Water. You Could Honestly Wear These Anywhere, They Look Great.

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