Deep Tissue Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager review

 I'm Gen deved , This is my experience with Foot Massager, 

This foot massager is a great investment. It has multiple settings that allow you to customize the speed direction and time, The heat feature is also something I didn’t see on all of these when I was shopping, which for those of us who have cold feet even on a hot summer day that’s a nice option. It has multiple controls on the base but it is also conveniently controlled by a remote. I love the remote control so I don’t have to move when I want to change the settings. This massager is roomy, I am a women’s size 13 and I have plenty of  space.I’ve had another massager and it was quite loud, but this massager is quiet and relaxing. I also love the fact that it’s like receiving a massage from a real person without the high price tag of going to get a massage all the time. I love using this after being on my feet all day at work,  This foot massager works great for relieving tired and worn feet. I highly recommend it! The only criticism is the power cord is a bit short so you do have to make sure you are positioned close to an outlet or consider using an extension cord while in use.


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